Projection TV Troubleshooting: What is an ISF Calibration?

ISF Calibration

Imaging Science Foundation was established on the premise that displays should look the way their designers intended them to look, based on specific standards set by ISF. When a projection TV is calibrated by an ISF Certified calibrator – and the calibration is done correctly – the colors will match industry standards. Specialized test equipment is required in order to perform a top-quality calibration.

One caveat: The basic ISF calibration or even ISF Level 2 calibration, even tho it is has become a household word in videophile circles, does not cover everything a projection TV may need. If it is a CRT-based set, there are many image structure elements that need to be mastered as well – like focusing (both electrostatic and optical/mechanical), geometry, convergence, astigmatism and scheimpflug. So if you have a CRT front or rear projection display, getting an ISF calibration will only be a part of what a set might need to get an optimal picture.



Robert Jones is a Professional LEVEL II ISF Calibrator. His special talent lies in using the Image Perfection protocol as the final and most crucial step in the ultrafine tuning of High-Definition Home Theater and Front and Rear Projection TV systems. He optimizes and extends the working life of Projection TVs to 20 years and beyond.  Though Bob specializes in Pioneer and Mitsubishi projection TV’s, he repairs and maintains Flat Screen and Flat Panel systems made by most manufacturers. Bob started the popular “Don’t Dump Your CRT-RPTV!” thread in 2006. It has over 13,000 posts spanning more than 400 pages and it is still going strong. These posts can be found at  under the handle “Mr Bob”. Informational videos can be found at Youtube channel MrBobBigScreen. You can reach Bob directly at 510-278-4247 or

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